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职场经验:如何得 体地向领导邀功?


Confidence is key to getting ahead in your career, but how can you communicate your expertise without sounding boastful? To help you assertyour talents in a polished, professional way, we've come up   with some key suggestions that make tooting your own horn a cinch.
自信满 满是闯职场的关键,但是如 何做到既能展示自己的才能又能听 起来不那么骄傲自满呢?下面就 告诉你几招让你用优雅专业的方式来“自吹自擂”。

Be prepared.
  In order to properly and thoughtfully sing your own praises, it's best to prepare for those moments year-round. First, keep an email folder where you can save all the positive feedback you receive, and then use specific quotes as a reference during your reviews. Next, make sure to monitor and note all the important statistics for your position, like major sales, new clients, and year-over-year improvements. Managers can't remember each and every assignment you've ever completed, either, so maintain a running list of your major projects and the goals that you achieved.
  为了能 及时全面地展示你的成绩,全年你 都需要为此做好准备。首先,准备一个文件夹,里面存 放所有你收到的积极的反馈,并且挑 选几条具体的放到你的工作回顾中。然后,了解你 的职位所涉及的所有重要的数据,比如销售额、新客户 数量和与去年同期相比的增长情况。经理们 是不可能记住每一件你完成的任务的,所以你要自己记下来,包括你 完成得重大的项目和你取得的成绩。
  Be humble.
  Modesty and positivity are crucial. There's a fine line between expressing your potential and conveying arrogance, so try to tread carefully. For one thing, you need to make sure that the accomplishments you're highlighting are your own. If others contributed to your success, then give your colleagues credit too. That won't take away from your efforts; in fact, it shows both leadership and intelligence. Likewise, it's best to acknowledgeany mistakes or shortcomings that arise — just be sure to end on a positive note by calling attention to any lessons that followed.
  谦虚的 态度和积极的心态是很要紧的。在表现 你的潜力和流露傲慢情绪之间的界限是很微妙的,所以你 要小心地把握好这个度。有一点 你必须要弄清楚,那就是 你要确保所有你汇报的成绩都是你自己取得的。如果你 的成绩里有其他同事的功劳,那也不要独自居功。事实上,如果你 提到同事所做出的贡献,那也能 从中体现出你的领导力和智慧。同理,你最好 也要提一下你犯过的错误和存在的缺点,只是别 忘了在最后要把话题引回到自己所学到的经验教训上。
  Be timely.
  You can toot your own horn all you want, but if you disrupt or annoy your manager, then she's not going to listen to your points. Instead, schedule a meeting dedicated to your review or wait until the appropriate time presents itself. Location is important too, so be sure to reserve a conference room or another private location for your appointment.
  你随时 都可以向领导邀功,不过如 果你在不恰当的时候去找经理谈话,还打断 了她的工作或惹恼了她的话,那么她 就没有心思去听你在说什么了。相反地,你最好 和领导预约一次面谈的时间,把你的 表现和工作回顾仔细地向老板汇报一下。或者,你就耐 心等到一个合适的机会再去表现。地点的选择也很重要,事先预 定好一个会议室,或者一 个比较私人的地方,然后再慢慢谈。
  Be professional.
  A good rule of thumb: to maintain healthy relationships and a favorablereputation, you should brag to your manager, not your coworkers. There's no reason to discuss your career status with anyone other than yoursupervisor or the HR department. That being said, you should work with your manager to refine your job description and professional goals during review sessions. Then, when tracking your accomplishments, you can refer to those specific, mutually defined responsibilities.
  黄金法则是:在职场 中建立良好的人际关系和职业声誉。你邀功 的对象应该是你的领导,而非你的同事。除了你 的上司和人力资源部的同事外,你不需 要和其他人讨论你在公司里的地位。也就是说,你在工作回顾中,要和你 的领导一起重新定义一下你的工作职责和工作目标。然后,你在今后的工作中,就可以 按照这些具体的、双方都 确认过的职责和目标来安排工作了。 

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